, Gloucester, MA

April 20, 2013

Letter: Liberal views the height of hypocrisy

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I am writing in response to the letter from Joan Witte (the Times, Thursday, April 18), in which she branded one of my beliefs about liberals “despicable.”

Joan, if you are not on the “left,” why would you care? The only solution for the radical left is gun confiscation. They hate the idea of school security. I never said Cape Ann, yet look at the paranoia from the left while they accuse those on the right of the same.

I don’t recognize your name from Rockport, but I can tell you I held two elected offices, got rid of two terrible administrations, and saved the town general fund and the school budget nearly a million in my first year on the school committee.

I also coached Little League regular season and all-star teams for seven years, youth basketball at the Y for five years, youth soccer in Rockport for three years, a cub den for two years, taught Sunday School for four years.

I was also appointed to many town committees. I was arrested six times fighting the plant at Seabrook. What have you done?

I find it ridiculous that wealthier people on Marmion Way had signs up for Elizabeth Warren. Are they willing to redistribute their hard earned wealth to a socialist government? With your given address, I ask you the same.

I frankly find anyone on the left to be despicable, from their redistribution of wealth, gun confiscation, and political “correctness.”

I stand by what I wrote, and would suggest that your criticism of my letter is despicable, in and of itself.


Rockport and Ft. Myers, Fla.