, Gloucester, MA

April 20, 2013

Letter: Nothing 'FAIR' about anti-immigant group

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

After my letter in which I challenged writer Oona O’Neill’s myopic letter about immigration, (the Times, April 1 and March 27, respectively), the anonymous responses to my letter were almost comically predictable.

But it was the comments of one anonymous poster in particular that really caught my eye and prompted this letter.

This anonymous poster revels in citing all kinds of statistics and sources to prove that “illegal immigrants” are bankrupting our country, particularly our health care system, and are responsible for every other social and economic problem confronting the nation today.

Yet, one source this poster has often cited in the GDT’s echo chamber in the past is an organization known as FAIR — the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

FAIR is also frequently cited by a variety of other right wing, anti-immigrant individuals and entities, including Fox News, Pat Robertson’s Christian News Services, right wing media personalities like Glen Beck and Michele Malkin, and any number of tea party-style GOP politicians.

FAIR was founded in 1979 by a man named John Tantor.

Tantor and FAIR have a long history of associating with a variety of white nationalist, right wing, racist, and xenophobic organizations, including Holocaust deniers, anti-Catholic groups, eugenecists, and the Pioneer Fund — to name just a few. The Pioneer Fund, in turn, was founded in 1937 by Nazi sympathizers who promoted the concept of “race betterment” by advocating the “... maintenance of the genetic lines of American whites.”

Dan Stein, a successor to John Tantor at FAIR, said in 2009 that “... projections by the U.S. Census Bureau show that midway into the century, the current European-American majority will become a minority. This is unacceptable. We decline to bequeath to our children minority status in their own land.”

John Tantor himself asked aloud a decade or so ago if, “ whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they go quietly into the night, or will there be an explosion?”

FAIR aligned itself in 2011 with a group called Legislators for Legal Immigration. LLI’s primary mission is to get the 14th Amendment, which constitutionally guarantees US. citizenship to most all children born in the United States, repealed. LLI, like FAIR, is little more than a white, right-wing, racist organization posing as a legitimate social and legal policy advocacy group.

I share all this because, as someone who is blessed to be part of a Latino as well as an Anglo family, I’m fed up with bigotry — as harsh a word as that may be — whether it comes from right wing “news” organizations, media celebrities, politicians, or one of the Gloucester Daily Times’ own anonymous, right wing, local, posters, fueling the flames of intolerance with “statistics” from a group as vile, racist, and hateful as the American Federation for Immigration Reform.