, Gloucester, MA

March 12, 2013

Letter: Note of gratitude to Gloucester's 'angels'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

There are not enough words to thank all the Gloucester angels for giving my father a Gloucester Christmas.

He finally felt like he was a part of Gloucester. He looked forward to presents coming in every day from Gloucester, and enjoyed them. Every present he opened was very special, and at times, I would catch a tear in his eye. You lifted his spirits at a time when he really needed it as he was fighting his battle.

At the same time, I had closure to our love/hate relationship and since then moved on. Gloucester was there all along and it took Gloucester to bring us together.

I took dad to Gloucester for the weekend of Feb. 16-17-18. We stayed at the Crow’s Nest and meet up with our friends. The smile on Dad’s face when Paul Hebert from “Wicked Tuna” and the Greels came to my Dad’s room to meet him, along with his friend Antoine.

He stayed in bed all weekend, and when we returned home we talked about returning to Gloucester for the second weekend in March, but things went for the worst and Dad was hospitalized the Monday we got back, when we walked down the hospital hallway one last time together.

He passed away peacefully on Monday, Feb. 25.

If I could only find the words, I would write them all down to say how much Gloucester did for my Dad to give him a Gloucester Christmas.


Schenectady, N.Y.