, Gloucester, MA

June 14, 2013

Letter: Grads show strength of Gloucester school system

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Ms. Fornero has written a very sensitive letter (the Times, Thursday, June 13), to which I would like to add, how good Gloucester’s education system is.

My stepdaughter began her education at Beeman School. From there to O’Maley, then on to Gloucester High School, where my testimony begins.

Each year, Syracuse University, a prestigious Private University, awards five Chancellor’s Scholarships across our Nation. Now that’s a lot of high school graduates. The year that my stepdaughter graduated, three of those five scholarships were awarded to Gloucester High School graduates.

That in itself, speaks volumes for the quality of a public school education in Gloucester. And, yes, my daughter was one of those three recipients. So, I’m a proud father!

Now Ms. Fornero did omit one time-consuming element of instructional time, that has for some reason, been put at the bottom of the list of instructional time.

A minimum of a half hour of Physical Education, per week, PE, has been relegated to the dust bin.

Thank you Ms. Fornero!


Langsford Street, Gloucester