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June 21, 2013

Letter: A Sen. Markey will be more of the same

To the editor:

It appears Ms. Quint (the Times, letters, Wednesday, June 19) is viewing the Senate election with one eye closed.

As I recall, the CEO of GE, One Geoff Imelt, who was also the president’s Job Czar, in charge of creating new jobs, sent thousands of well-paying jobs in the wind turbine division of GE to China while GE was creating billions in profits, yet did not pay any 2011 taxes. However, other companies and individuals in the top income earners pay 70 percent of all the tax revenue the U.S. government collects. So for Ms. Quint to point a finger at companies for not paying their fair share of taxes is a stretch at best.

As for Mr. Markey, all I know of him is that he has spent over 35 years in our Congress. Let’s see, that’s 18 terms, and I’m sure that, in 18 terms, he must have done something meaningful. Yet in those 18 terms our country has gone from a deficit, to a balanced budget under President Clinton, who left office with a surplus, and now back to a $17 trillion debt.

Move Mr. Markey to the Senate where for four years when it did not even pass a budget, and you guarantee Mr. Markey won’t have to do anything but rest on his unknown laurels.

Yes, Republicans dug the hole we are in, but, it’s a fact, given the numbers, that the Democrats, picked up the shovel and kept digging when President Obama took office.


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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