, Gloucester, MA


June 4, 2014

Letter: Admitting to our homophobic wrongs

To the editor:

Hurray for my friend Warren Salinger’s recent editorial letter (“Challenging anti-gay diatribe,” the Times, Wednesday, May 21), I want to add a word of support defending the right of individuals to love whom they please and challenging the anti-gay (and other) diatribes which readers too frequently suffer on the editorial pages of the Gloucester Times.

Perhaps Warren, unlike the rest of us, has neglected to strain his attentiveness through the sieve of subject and author, automatically disregarding the rantings of some who appear too frequently there. Like cockroaches and deer ticks, some are relentless and troublesome and best avoided.

At the risk of being added to that number, I’ll just relate a conversation in my pastor’s study years ago involving two church members, the pastor, and myself. The congregants had expressed displeasure with the church’s intent to openly affirm gay people.

One actually thought the matter was imposed on the congregation by the United Church of Christ and said he “didn’t buy it.”

While I had little to say at the time, I have ruminated about that conversation, and how he and I and countless others had homophobia foisted on us as children by some who were terrified by the differences we humans innocently express in merely going about our lives.

That church member and I “bought” that homophobia as children.

Years later, many still struggle to admit they were wrong then — and remain so.



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