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June 4, 2014

Letter: Not Warren's time for presidency — yet

To the editor:

Regarding an Elizabeth Warren run for president (Letters, the Times, Tuesday, June 3): aas much as I respect Sen. Warren, I don’t think that it is her time — yet.

She still is very much the new kid on the block, despite the technicality of her “senior senator” status. After all, she hasn’t even served a full term, nor defended her senior status in an election — yet.

Her credentials on foreign policy are non-existent, as is her name recognition on the national stage. Mention the name “Warren” to someone in Iowa, and I suspect the reply would probably be something like “Wasn’t he a judge er somethin’?”.

If Hillary were to run, which is pretty much a given, Liz would also be burdened with the label of “spoiler” within the Democratic Party, a reputation which she may carry to her ultimate doom. I wish we could still ask Teddy how well that worked out. His “campaign contribution” may well have cost Jimmy Carter his re-election, and condemned us to eight years of “Reaganomics”, which, in turn, built the foundation for the economic disparity we are witnessing today in the new Gilded Age.

Perhaps most importantly, she has already emphatically stated that she has no intention of entering the race. Flip-flopping on that one would be like handing The Republicans a high capacity magazine subscription to “The NRA Weekly Bulletin”.

Nope, it’s not her time — yet!



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