, Gloucester, MA


November 26, 2012

Letter: Inconvenient 'truths' for president

To the editor:

Michael Cook (Letters, the Times, Thursday, Nov. 22) would like the GOP to move into a “fact-based” world.

How about, instead of pointing his finger, he and his side of the aisle do the same:

Fact: A dead border agent, in the middle of the government’s “Fast and Furious” guns, with an Attorney General refusing a legal subpoena for documents, and for no apparent reason.

Fact: The president inserts himself through executive privilege into a congressional investigation.

Fact: The AG cited for contempt of Congress;

Fact: No U.S. Attorney will prosecute moving forward;

Fact: Four Americans are dead in a terrorist attack on Sept. 11 of this year, the third such attack on American soil, under this president’s tenure. That’s a total 20 Americans dead, killed on American turf by a terrorist attack.

Fact: With those four dead, the president flies to Las Vegas for campaigning funds and games.

Fact: On Sept. 25, the most transparent president speaks at U.N. and still — six times — blames the now known terrorist attack on a video.

Fact: The president goes on national TV, subliminally takes responsibility for telling the U.N. ambassador, then goes on five Sunday Talk shows and still blames a video for the known terrorist attack.

Fact: In mid-November, the president goes on National TV and states unequivocally that he’d ordered that everything be done to protect the Americans involved in the Benghazi terror attack, but the Department of Defense denies such an order.

Fact: F-16s stationed an hour away were left on the ground, and two U.S. naval ships are left lying at anchor off the Libyan Coast, armed with Cruise Missiles but not given any orders to “protect or preserve” Americans in terror attack. After a terrorist bombing during his tenure, President Clinton ordered a cruise missile strike in retaliation, unfortunately, he missed the intended target due to poor intel — but he tried.

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