, Gloucester, MA


November 28, 2012

Editorial: Don't blame teachers for charter scores

To the editor:

What do high stakes tests like the MCAS really test?

This is a question that does not have any answers. MCAS is a tool that has impacted the content of classrooms across the Commonwealth — not for the better. Now, with the new evaluation of teachers program based on student performances, teachers will be pressed to teach to the tests even more.

In reading the articles about the foibles of the Gloucester Charter School, much has to be addressed. Much of it must lie with the former head of the school and the trustees, who, on the surface seem to think an “anything goes” attitude is acceptable.

From questionable loans, huge teacher turnover, and no viable curriculum in place, and low enrollment to what is happening for the students, there is great concern. What irritates me more is the assertion by Mr. Blackman that the former teachers may have impacted the MCAS results.

No teacher wants his or her students to perform poorly on any test, let alone a state-mandated one where the results will be published.


Thurston Point, Gloucester

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