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December 6, 2012

Letter: Charting the foes of disability access

To The Editor:

The Senate voted 61-38 to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, a tally that fell short of the two-thirds needed to sign on to an international treaty. (See

The Convention is essentially the same as the Americans with Disabilities Act ( that is already in place. The ones who voted against the Convention are listed below.

But why do they oppose recognizing that we all deserve to be treated fairly everywhere in the world and in a manner that sustains our dignity? All of those who opposed this humanitarian goal are Republicans.

Here they are, by state:

Sessions (Ala.), Shelby (Ala.), Boozman (Ark.), Kyl (Ariz.), Rubio (Fla.), Chambliss (Ga.), Isakson (Ga.), McConnell (Ky.), Paul (Ky.), Moran (Kansas), Roberts (Kansas), Coats (Ind.), Crapo (Idaho), Risch (Idaho), Grassley (Iowa), Vitter (La.), Blunt (Mo.), Cochran (Miss.), Wicker, (Miss.).

Also, there’s Burr (N.C.), Hoeven (N.D.), Johanns (Neb.), Heller (Nev.), Portman (Ohio), Coburn (Okla.), Inhofe (Okla.), Toomey (Pa.), DeMint (S.C.), Graham (S.C.), Thune (S.D.), Alexander (Tenn.), Corker (Tenn.), Cornyn (Tex.), Hutchison (Tex.), Hatch (Utah), Lee (Utah), Johnson (Wisc.), Enzi (Wyo.).

What kind of thinking says it is right to protect and assist those with disabilities in our country yet say this is not to be promoted in other countries?

Are no Americans with disabilities travelling abroad? Is this why?

Remember these names when they reappear in 2013/2015 asking for your support.

I hope no Times reader or related war veteran will be wheelchair-bound by then. These guys won’t help.



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