, Gloucester, MA

October 9, 2012

Letter: Tierney responds to constituency

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the Editor:

I agree with Arthur Thomas (Letter, the Times, Tuesday, Oct. 9) when he writes in these pages that Congressman John Tierney “cares for us all.”

In my experience through the years, Tierney focuses on an issue, analyzes it and moves to clarify it for his constituents. The subject of a petition I have signed results, more often than not, in an email or letter from him beginning with the words, “I understand your concern.”

He goes on to present his own stance, the action, if so indicated, he is contributing to in Congress and what his expectations are.

More often than not, I forward the email to groups to apprise their members of where he stands. Frequently, they have already received an explanatory communication from him. Talk about the ultimate in involvement, accessibility, and clarity!

Congressman John Tierney will receive my vote in the upcoming election — and he more than deserves it.


Chapel Street, Gloucester