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July 5, 2013

Letter: Co-opting the meaning of a rainbow

To the editor:

Pastor Slyman (Midweek Musings, Wednesday, July 3) ought to go back to Bible School.

The “bow” that God placed in the clouds to remind himself, not to use floods as a punishment to the world; was not a “rainbow.” It was in fact God’s war bow.

Why God would need to remind himself of anything is beyond my pay grade. However, if Rev. Patrick will check his Hebrew, he will find the original Hebrew word, written in Scripture, translates in English to war bow, as in bow and arrow.

With a moment of study, Rev. Patrick will find the only place the word rainbow in English, appears in Scripture is in the Book of Revelation as a translation of the Greek word “iris!” And in the Septuigent, the Greek translation of the Hebrew “Old Testament,” that word iris doesn’t exist.

The bow God put in the clouds in Greek was also a “war bow,” the same Greek word used for Hercules’ weapon.

Forgive me Patrick, but when you’re going to preach on Scripture, please be accurate in what you are teaching. There’s a big difference between a rainbow and a war bow. And just for general information: “the rainbow,” (iris) as described in Revelation, is a symbol of the Throne of God.

I believe the gay community has co-opted the rainbow to legitimize its movement as being OK with God. To them, it is something of a battle flag, just as the rainbow was the insignia of the 69th regiment, 42nd Infantry Division of WWII — the fighting 69th.

Ironic, isn’t it?


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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