, Gloucester, MA


October 2, 2012

Letter: Bullard's stand welcome for fishery

To the editor:

How is it that the Northeast Seafood Coalition, with far fewer resources and access to data, devised an acceptable alternative which NOAA grudgingly accepted with less than 96 hours to go before the closure went into effect?

This concession represents an unprecedented 180-degree policy reversal after National Marine Fisheries Service staff had put “hundreds of hours of research” into justifying what was ultimately proven to be a punitive and totally unwarranted mis-management decision!

This last-minute reprieve, although gratefully welcomed, left the new kid on the block with egg on his face largely due to the agenda-driven, purposeful ineptitude of some of his key so called “expert” scientists and greenbean counters. To his credit, he had the guts to take matters into his own hands, despite the treachery from within his own ranks, and get to the truth, thereby saving almost 100 families from the unemployment lines and 40 small businesses from insolvency.

We salute your courage, Mr. Bullard! Your accessibility and natural predisposition to listen, and actually hear what was being presented for your consideration, is a refreshing change and cause for hope. But a general is only as good as his troops.

You have proven your mettle, now it is time to prove your leadership and take the necessary actions to whip your staff into shape and bring them up to your standards.



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