, Gloucester, MA


October 4, 2012

Letter: Where are our president's priorities?

To the editor:

I have a question that perhaps your readers can answer.

President Clinton, when one of our Embassies was bombed, returned fire with a cruise missile.

Yet, while the sovereign grounds of a U.S. consulate was being attacked, and four U.S. citizens murdered in Lybia, President Obama was in Las Vegas fund-raising as a candidate.

So, here is my question: All reports indicate that security at the consulate was lax, at best, while presidential advisor Valerie Jarret, safe and sound, in D.C. has a 24/7 security detail.

Why? Can anyone answer my simple question?

Under this president, we have had no fewer than three successful terrorist attacks on American soil with the loss of American lives. Meanwhile, the president trots across the country playing candidate —on our dime.



Langsford Street, Goucester

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