, Gloucester, MA


November 6, 2012

Letter; Time to close door on immigration

To the editor:

In 2009, 1,130,818 green cards were issued. In 2010, it was 1,042,625.

Add another 1,062,040 for 2011. So in the past three years, the Obama administration has added 3,235,483 immigrants to our population.

The majority of these people are of working age. There are not enough jobs for Americans, as indicated by the high unemployment rates, but the Obama administration allowed millions of immigrants to come here and compete with Americans for the few jobs there are.

Does this make sense? Should we really be bringing in people who will either take jobs from Americans or get on public assistance?

If they get a job, then that means an American won’t get one. If they can’t find a job, then we’ll have to support them by giving them housing, food, and medical care that Americans can’t even afford.

We are so deep in debt that we will never see the light of day, yet we are allowing millions of immigrants to come here, take our jobs, or live on public assistance that they should not even be entitled to.

We cannot afford to support all these people. We need to stop issuing green cards until this mess is cleaned up and Americans are back to work. Only then should we open our doors again.



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