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November 11, 2012

Editorial: Tisei camp owes some answers on serious poll claim

The morning after Congressman John Tierney had pulled off what, according to pre-election polls, had been a stunning, come-from-behind win over Republican challenger Richard Tisei, Tisei and especially his campaign manager, Paul Moore, made serious accusations of alleged voting “irregularities” in Lynn.

Lynn, as it turned out, had been one of the cities that, like Gloucester and Salem, voted heavily for Tierney and carried the congressman to his narrow victory. So the Tisei campaign charges were seen as challenging the result of the election itself.

Yet, in his belated concession statement — issued via email, not through a forum in which he might have to answer questions — Tisei said that, “while I have concerns about reported irregularities in some areas of the district, I’ll leave any investigation of those matters to others.”

In an interview a few days after the election, Tisei basically held to that stand (see news story, Page 1). But by raising the spectre of voting “irregularities” in the first place, Tisei and more notably Moore — who mouthed to a least one Boston radio station that unknown people going through the lines at the Lynn polls had intimidated voters into supporting Tierney — the Tisei campaign has tainted, for one last time, a race in which nearly $5 million worth of shameful Super-PAC advertising made it aong the ugliest in the nation. And for the Tisei camp to walk away without even attempting to document any of these charges is not only a gross injustice to Tierney, but to Lynn officials and to voters themselves, who could easily be discouraged from voting in the future if the charges were true.

Clearly, neither Tisei nor Moore could show a shred of evidence behind their charge. Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin’s office received no complaints of voter intimidation or fraud in Lynn, spokesman Brian McNiff said.

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