, Gloucester, MA


August 23, 2013

Letter: A meaningful gift at the Grace Center

To the editor:

This letter is being written personally to a very kind individual out there and to the community to share a story that restores our faith in each other.

The Grace Center, hosted by local churches, is a safe place for people who have nowhere else to go during the day, offering guests a good meal, a friendly smile, and a safe environment.

On Thursday, Aug. 15, a well-dressed man walked in. He was greeted in the same fashion as everyone who comes through the door.

He quietly explained that he had purchased seven tickets to the upcoming Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast and wanted to donate the tickets to the Grace Center guests. Before anyone could say “thank you,” the man was gone.

Those seven tickets were given to seven deserving guests of the Grace Center. To them it was like finding Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. Not only did these seven recipients get a good meal, but they were included in a community event that otherwise they would not have been able to attend.

To the well-dressed man with a generous soul and a very big heart — thank you for everything you shared that day! It meant the world to everyone involved!

Thank you for thinking of the Grace Center guests, and God bless you.



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