, Gloucester, MA


August 26, 2013

Letter: School should not be part of Fuller vote

To the editor:

I am writing to publicly thank our city councilors for their hard work and dedication to our city.

As a parent of three children who attend West Parish elementary school, I was present at the second of two recent public hearings on Tuesday, Aug. 13 to speak in favor of the Plan for Effective Learning Communities.

This plan, endorsed by our School Committee and superintendent, states that, based on documented evidence, a smaller school environment is educationally optimal for our elementary aged students of the Gloucester Public school system.

This message was solidified by participating parents speaking on behalf of elementary-aged children attending East Gloucester, Beeman and West Parish. Collectively, we communicated that we do not wish our children to be educated in a mega elementary school at Fuller.

During these hearings, the city councilors listened attentively to a crowded auditorium filled with taxpaying parents and concerned citizens. Based on their summary remarks, it was clear that the councilors heard our message that elementary school parents do not want to consolidate our elementary schools into Fuller School. We hope that this option is removed from the ballot referendum.

Whether you have children in our schools or not, all taxpayers of Gloucester should be happy that concerned citizens were given a chance to speak at two public hearings on the future of the Fuller School site. We are a better city because of the dedication of the Gloucester City Council.


Western Avenue, Gloucester,

Parent and former PTO head, West Parish School

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