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August 26, 2013

Fishtown Local: Overplaying our Fenway hands

I was there. It was ugly, I can tell you.

Everybody heard, read and talked about it. but I saw it. It was ugly — A-Rod ugly. But his ugliness turned our beloved Red Sox fans into A-Rod Ugly Monsters of our own undoing. There were plenty of lessons to be learned.

It was eight days ago at Fenway. Sox vs. Yanks. A gorgeous night. Lots of emotion, color, hoopla, a pennant race for the Good Guys, and an also-ran season so far for the Bad Guys in gray.

They were a dispirited lot, those Yankees. They were kinda moping and even dragging a little. They had been shellacked the previous night by our heroes and the media had been all over Alex Rodriguez for his suspension, appeal, lies, connections, and rift with his own club where the Yankee management was tying to weasel out of their huge mistake of a deal with the fallen sports idol.

He had been plunked in the first inning by a Red Sox pitcher which had emptied both benches but no punches were thrown on behalf of the unloved, spoiled superstar by his teammates — one of whom, catcher Frank Cerveli, A-Rod had just thrown under the steroid bus in the ongoing investigation and scandal.

The game went back and forth. But the Sox had scratched and clawed their way back to a tie and then had pulled ahead 6-3.

Yet something began to happen in Fenway. Whether it was the excruciatingly slow pace of the game or the submarine-like humidity and heat in the stadium, but the fans began to take control of the next act of the play.

As the sixth inning began, the grounds crew had been dragging the infield dirt to reset the surface and A-Rod had come our early to take some extra warm up swings. As he did so, the crowd became “doomed to repeat history” as the pundits always warn.

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