, Gloucester, MA

August 30, 2013

Letter: In praise of the new stadium

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor,

I was thinking of the Newell Stadium overhaul, and the years-long, hard work by the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association that created this wonderful civic gift. I was thinking of how much Dick Wilson and Jonathan Pope and the entire membership of the GFAA deserve our thanks and recognition.

What I mean is:

Thank you for the fun of writing Old Newell,

And bidding a belated, not-so-fond farewell

To rusted grandstands and gull-grime,

To the short oval and miracle times,

To a nautical need for steerage-way

In the backfield, and to home games away.

Thanks for ending our inferiority — with a complex

Built to new, conference-worthy specs:

the new lines and track, the scoreboard, bleachers

And for a richer gift, learning a civic centers

Never place, but people, its varsity team.

Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your dream.

To Pope, and to Wilson — who still has his fastball,

To the GFAA, a tip of the hat! Bless you all!

John J. Ronan