, Gloucester, MA

September 6, 2013

Letter: Syria crisis shows need for term limits

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

We have a screaming need for term limits in our American form of government.

At the federal level, the current debate in the Congress and executive branch of the American government over our reaction to the Syrian gas attacks highlights this need.

Our government is seriously debating the need to punish the Syrian government for their recent attacks on their own citizens. Is our government sure that it was the Syrian government that initiated the attacks?

How about this: Perhaps take a few planeloads of food, medical and other humanitarian supplies to whoever needs them in Syria. This aid would be for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan also. This would be instead of a few cruise missiles.

The cost would be a lot less expensive. Would the world look at us as weak? I don’t think so. Most citizens of the Middle East and elsewhere would welcome this shift in policy.

Why not get the Russians and Chinese to aid in this effort to feed, heal, clothe and shelter the thousands of refugees and displaced folks that have suffered too much from our complete bumbling of policy in the Middle East.

We certainly need term limits in our state government as well. One look at the ineffectiveness of our current state representatives to grow our economy and provide relief to the un- and under-employed leads one to think that we must be governed by ineffectual idiots!

Our state representatives are supposed to give leadership, encouragement and new ideas for improving the waterfront, fishing, tourism and hi-tech industries in our area.

Our local state reps. are using our tax money to feather their own nests and assure their re-election. Maybe I have been asleep for the past few years, but all I have heard are tired platitudes and re-run rhetoric — and all I have seen are tax increases, with little of it finding its way back to Gloucester.

We should all be asking this question: Isn’t it time to change over the state and federal office holders that seem to want a career out of bumbling their way through office on on our dime?

Let’s place term limits on the next ballot — it is an idea whose time has come!


Essex Avenue, Gloucester