, Gloucester, MA


September 16, 2013

Letter: Don't forget other terror attacks on U.S. soil

To the editor:

My in box was flooded with email this week from many families of 9/11/01.

However, the majority of them forget the anniversary of the Benghazi attack as well.

We tend to forget that the Benghazi consulate is technically U.S. Soil. In the eight years after 9/11/01, under President Bush’s tenure, there were no terror attacks on the homeland, whereas under the past five years of President Obama’s tenure, there have been several more terrorist attacks on American soil.

There was also Fort Hood, with 13 dead, 30-plus wounded. It ended with the words “Allah Akbar,” but, was called workplace violence. Then there was the Jihadist attack on the U.S. Army Recruiting station in Arkansas, and the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon.

Then there is Benghazi, with four dead and, according to a Ms. Lamb of the State Department, who testified before Congress, that she, Hilary Clinton and the president, were in the situation room of the White House, watching the attack on a monitor, in near real time, and knew from the onset that it was a terrorist attack. A squadron of F-16’s could have been on scene in less than four hours, half the time that the attack ensued. But our impotent president, did nothing but stand back and watch Benghazi burn.

Does that ring a familiar note of another republic in decline? At least there was no fiddle in the White House Situation Room!


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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