, Gloucester, MA

September 16, 2013

Letter: Where's the outrage over Benghazi questions

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

We just recently passed the one year anniversary of the tragic debacle in Benghazi.

The president assured us that his administration would track down and bring to justice those responsible. As of yet, nothing has happened; yet another lie perpetrated against the American public by Obama.

In his defense, any fair-minded individual should understand that he was too busy to immediately take charge and at least try to act as the commander-in-chief, because he was too busy preparing for a re-election fund-raising event taking place in Las Vegas the following day. It was a typical Obama trade-off, the net results of which are a dead American ambassador, his aides and our brave former Navy SEALS who went down fighting defending American lives and property.

Also culpable are former Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Panetta, both of which are extremely talented cover-up specialists — and abject failures. Even worse, they are guilty of dereliction of duty and should have been charged as such.

The mainstream national media also bear a great deal of responsibility — as well they should, for they were and continue to be lap dogs for this administration, covering for Obama and allowing him to evade close scrutiny and responsibility.

It would seem the general public does not consider this to be an issue worthy of pursuing. There was a time when the American public would be inflamed by such horrendous events that would demand proper and speedy investigation and closure.

Dear God, what is happening to our nation?


Green Street, Gloucester