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April 29, 2013

Endorsement: Winslow deserves GOP Senate nod

Republicans – or unaffiliated voters who prefer helping to decide the GOP’s race, rather than the Democrats’ — also have choices tomorrow. And for those Republicans and independents lamenting the loss of former Sen. Scott Brown, candidate Dan Winslow is the best choice.

Winslow, the current state representative from Norfolk, would bring a needed touch of moderation to the Massachusetts delegation. Winslow has solid ideas on economics and job growth that include simplifying business taxes and ending the unfortunate efforts of government, particularly in the Obama administration, to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. On social matters, meanwhile, Winslow is a moderate supporting pro-choice positions and marriage equality, calling himself a “big tent” Republican.

Gabriel Gomez, the businessman and former Navy SEAL from Cohasset, offers an intriguing option, but lacks virtually any political experience and might better pursue a run for state office. Michael Sullivan, the former U.S. attorney, has strong conservative credentials — perhaps too strong and too conservative to win election in “blue” Massachusetts.

For his pro-business outlook, big-tent approach on social matters and electability, our choice is clear. It’s Dan Winslow.

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