, Gloucester, MA

May 7, 2013

Letter: Remember the rules of bike safety

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

May is National Bike Month.

If you have not ridden a bike in a while, give it a try. There are so many ways to enjoy riding in Cape Ann: doing errands downtown, going “off the island” on a road bike, or exploring the woods and trails on a mountain bike. You can ride by yourself, with friends or family.

Please remember to ride with common sense. Cyclists are considered vehicles and must follow the rules of the road. These will help keep you and others safe:

Wear a helmet. They are much “cooler” than you may remember, and it’s the law for those 16 and under.

Ride on the right side of the road (as opposed to the left side).

Use hand signals to alert drivers that you are turning, and use blinking lights at night.

Stop at red lights and stop signs, and walk your bike across the street if you feel safer.

When passing another cyclist, say “On your left” to let he or she know you are passing.

Talk about these rules with your children, and practice respectful riding and driving.

Also, when in your car, remember that you and your vehicle are far less vulnerable than the cyclist you are passing. Just 15 seconds of convenience for you, may mean a catastrophic accident for someone on a bike.