, Gloucester, MA


May 7, 2013

Editorial: Get out and vote in Rockport

While few voters turned out for last Tuesday’s U.S. Senate primaries, those in Rockport at least had the chance to claim Cape Ann’s highest turnout percentage, at just under 25 percent.

Now, let’s hope residents top that figure today and tonight when they choose their own local leaders in Rockport’s town elections, with a head-to-head race for selectman, a key referendum that should finally allow beer and wine sales at local markets, and other choices on the ballot.

While presidential, U.S. Senate races and gubernatorial contests tend to draw out the best turnouts, the truth is, each individual vote is more likely to play a bigger role in deciding local elections than votes on the statewide or national scale. That’s because the vote totals are on a much smaller scale, and races are far more apt to be decided by dozens or even fewer votes, not thousands and millions.

The bottom line is this: If you live in Rockport, be sure to get out and vote. You have time – the polling places are open until 8 p.m., with Precinct 1 voting at Pigeon Cove Circle, Precinct 2 at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, and Precinct 3 at Rockport Elementary School.

Don’t leave it to your neighbors to make these choices for you. Get out and vote.

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