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May 14, 2013

Letter: Life's measurable moments

To the editor:

Very early on Friday morning, I had a phone call from my dear daughter.

She lives in Pompano Beach, Fla., and she urged me to open this paper to the “Opinion” page (the Times, Friday, May 10).

I did and I was utterly overwhelmed. There was a Mother’s Day tribute from her so full of compliments and so lacking in disapproval, I felt unrecognizable.

Didn’t she remember rough patches? Does she have a reminder posted over her computer with the written message, “stay positive?”

That was needed since I didn’t always have a straightforward, sensible way to fend off difficult situations at that time. I learned how with practice.

We need some contemplative moments to take the measure of our lives. Hopefully, we can make internal adjustments to lead us to live in peace and have the positive direction given its due.


Chapel Street, Gloucester

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