, Gloucester, MA


May 16, 2013

Letter: Bullard's spin on fishery doesn't hold water

To the editor:

After reading his letter, and following his actions, it shows just how destructive the views of NOAA Northeast Administrator John Bullard are.

Throughout history, people leave their legacies, and his, I believe, will be as the tyrant that took down the fishing industry which has been around since the beginning of time. His orders on catch limits are taking down all related jobs and crippled so many families — all because of his so-called power.

So Mr. Bullard, you think fisherman are going to be able to survive on skate and winter flounder? (My View, the Times, Tuesday, May 7). That shows how much you know about fishing.

When the boats go out and probably catch their cod quota in one day, what do they do after that? Go back to throwing all the cod they catch overboard to fish?

Then we have the spying eyes on the boats showing all this discard and giving out fines and raising total havoc — knowing the industry will be virtually shut down because of your proven junk science. Do you actually think cod can read, so we can put do not enter written on the drags so they won’t be caught?

You probably have that all figured out. You’re agenda has been completed. How you live with yourself destroying so many people’s way of life is beyond me.

For some reason, it seems, NOAA is above the law. You should be having the people that you force on boats checking out the fisherman, watching over your shoulders; NOAA’s own enforcement system is the one that’s been found corrupt.

You folks can shred inportant documents, create ridiculous fees in the northeast region over maybe a fish that got by that was undersized, or put wharfs under investigation and wrongfully invade with guns drawn. The list goes on and on for your corrupt agency.

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