, Gloucester, MA


April 24, 2011

Letter: Living proof of the need for AGH and ER

To the editor:

On Saturday, April 16, I was working out at Manchester Athletic Club extension here in Gloucester when I suffered a cardiac event.

The result was the installation of a pacemaker, and some moderate injuries occurred as the treadmill ran me over a few times before club members and management could disengage me from the battle of the belt — which I was losing big time, though I did not know it.

I am a Gloucester native, born and bred. I have heard much of the inadequacies of Addison Gilbert Hospital and its Beverly Hospital-reduced services over the years.

I was possibly not going to make it to Beverly, and was taken to AGH. I was quickly stabilized, taken to the Intensive Care Unit, examined thoroughly and underwent the implant at 10;30 Monday morning, April 18, and then discharged about 7:45 P.M. the next evening.

I wish to thank all those who worked to insure that Saturday, April 16, 2011 was not my last day.

I hope that I shall exclude no one but should I do so and you were involved, I extend my heartfelt thanks to you — no pun intended.

At Manchester Athletic Club, I thank employees Laura D'Angelo and Jeph Lawson, a gentleman named Joe who knows who he is, the girl on the treadmill next to me whose name I could not discover, paramedics Darryl Dench and Jeff Romeo, police officer Scott Duffany and any and all who may have assisted while I was unconscious.

At Addison Gilbert, my thanks to Dr. Wilson and his staff in the emergency room, and to all those in ICU who worked on me with skilled care and great professionalism.

The same kudos go to all the nursing staff who tortured me with constant care during the pre- and post-surgery stay but never let me sleep; yes, Lillian, Vickie, Amy, Sandy et al., I am talking to you.

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