, Gloucester, MA


July 3, 2013

Letter: Important reminders that freedom's not free

To the editor:

With the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, upon us; I’d like to publicly thank Ms. Ford (Insights and Outbursts column, Tuesday, July 2) and Mr. Cook (Letters, Tuesday, July 2) for their insightful reminders.

There is a National Military Album, of the late Civil War. Published in 1884, that contains many anecdotes written by the brave men that fought in that war, 150 years ago. There’s also a very detailed engraving print of the Gettysburg Battle on Page 232.

As I recall, there are some very interesting and poignant notes from our own New England volunteers, one written by an African-American soldier embroiled in our fight to end segregated division of our nation.

Mr. Cook, perhaps can explain to me, exactly what rights I have that a homosexual citizen doesn’t have — that mysterious right that makes them a protected class of American citizen. By the way, Michael, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution, will you find the words “separation of church and state.” As long as America follows that document, it will never become a theocracy. It will maintain the freedoms for which so many have died. I believe that number at Gettysburg stood at 165,000 — three times the casualty list from Vietnam.

Folks, if you should see Mr. Cook, or Ms. Ford, or any American serviceman. Army, Navy, Marine, police officer or firefighter, walk up to them and give them a warm handshake of thanks, for reminding us that freedom’s not free.


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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