, Gloucester, MA

July 6, 2013

Letter: Hateful column was not worthy of Times

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I was disappointed to see such a backwards and disrespectful piece of writing in such a prominent place as the Midweek Musings column (By Rev. Patrick Slyman, Wednesday, July 3).

I certainly found no “musing” in the archaic and narrow-minded words in the Times’ featured midweek column.

While there is little doubt that I wholly embrace the notion of free speech and the implications that come with it, it is disappointing that the Gloucester Daily Times seemed to accept such a maligning and spiteful piece of writing as civil discourse to be published and featured in such a notable spot in our hometown newspaper.

I severely doubt that the Times would give such credence to Nazi sympathizers or jihadists, so why differentiate? Hate is hate.

My own personal and somewhat outspoken beliefs aside, the pastor’s outdated and backwards statements on morality are one prime example of why even believers and the still spiritual are abandoning religious institutions.

People are tired of divisiveness, tribalism, and bigoted preaching. They are learning, through ever growing contact and ease of communication, that other people simply want to be respected and left to pursue their own happiness. They are finding good in works and evidence of their works, not through superstition and dogma.

Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone. The pastor can preach down to people all he wants, but expect your shearing of the flock to thin it out.

A message of doom is not a message of love.