, Gloucester, MA

July 8, 2013

Editorial: Key Benghazi question is basic: Why?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Although I usually find comments by Obama’s sycophants entertaining, they are a double-edged sword; the sharpest edge of which can inflict wounds to our nation.

It seems that many of the president’s supporters have assumed his propensity for diverting blame away from Obama; it’s always somebody else’s fault. Their modus operandi is first, deflect blame and second, deny, deny, deny.

A case in point is a letter in the July 1 edition of the Times wherein Janice Josephine Carney, in coming to the defense of the president, assailed Mr. Mahieu’s thoughts on the issue. The tenor of her rant was both undignified and unnecessary, yet, she didn’t stop there. She then went after the opposition. Sadly, it is what we have come to expect from too many of Obama’s supporters.

If, as Ms. Carney states, “the president was not missing for eight critical hours”, then he is either guilty of incompetence or of something perhaps more sinister; neither of which are admirable qualities for the occupant of the White House.

Hard questions have to be asked — and answered. This administration has a recurring theme of standing down. And that is exactly what happened that night over the Benghazi incident: the U.S. military was given orders by Washington to “stand down.”

The question is why? Why would the commander-in-chief refuse help and protection to an American ambassador, his American security, and American property under attack and out-numbered by the very terrorists we are at war with? Why? That is the president’s No. 1 responsibility.

Perhaps Ms. Carney let the cat out of the bag when she stated “... President Obama easily got re-elected.”

The election may have had a different outcome had the Benghazi scandal not been relegated to non-issue status, and the administration was well aware of that.


Green Street, Gloucester