, Gloucester, MA

July 9, 2013

Letter: Was 'Musings' rabble rousing appropriate?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Mr. Slyman’s piece (”Midweek Musings,” the Times, Wednesday, July 3) has sparked a number of responses, and while there are a number of valid issues raised and opinions stated, I still have a question about the acceptance of Mr. Slyman’s column and letters that would only serve as fuel for responses of anger and outrage.

For those who are bothered by my reference to Mr. Slyman as “Mr.” I try to avoid confusing who someone is vs. what that person does or claims to do.

I fail to see how the community benefits from such transactions that have been displayed on-line or by the original midweek comment. I also fail to see how the Gloucester Daily Times benefits from such publications.

As many know or believe, I am fortunate to have many of my letters published and I deeply appreciate that signal honor. But, always, I consider what affect or effect might follow from what I write. I do not write to incite but to provoke a possible insight.

I believe, without any proof to offer at the moment, that sometimes we are better off without some musings, letters, and many of the on-line splatterings. Newspapers, more than any other media, have an obligation to inform as many readers as possible in as neutral a manner as we flawed humans are capable of doing.

The influence newspapers exert over a long period shapes the community. I think we should have a high standard that we demand of them. This is not something we ask that they adhere to, but something we demand of them.

Rabble rousers are always underfoot; our community has to demand a higher ethical standard be presented by those who have the power to influence others.