, Gloucester, MA


August 2, 2013

Letter: The hypocrisy of Annisquam's 'Chicago'

To the editor:

The idiocy continues to abound.

The Annisquam Village Players are performing “Chicago” a play about female “celebrity” murderers who are desperate for fame (the Times, “The Catch” arts/entertainment, Thursday, Aug. 1). One killer murdered her lover and the other killer murdered her husband.

Director Terry Sands stated in the Times that during production he was reminded of Whitey Bulger, Aaron Hernandez, and marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and the media frenzy surrounding their crimes.

So, how is your play any different than putting Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone? DT killed a magically innocent little kid and blew off the legs of people who were out enjoying a historically wonderful sporting event - filling their lives with endless agony. WB strangled a woman in her 1920s to death in front of a partner in crime and buried her by a river. And, ambushed a man in a phone booth and riddled his body with bullets.

The Gloucester newspaper is constantly filled with desperate pleas to end domestic violence. Chilling tales of men who abuse women and violate restraining orders and commit murder. And speeches are given and workshops put on and plays are staged to voice the community’s deep conviction that violence against women must not be tolerated. Oh so indignant editorials are composed about the matter.

So, now you gather a cast of women, seductively dressed, comprised of a councilwoman, two schoolteachers, and a judge director, to glorify in song and dance, two women who murdered two men. But you’ve cleaned it up to make it wholesome entertainment good for the entire family! Would you find a play about a man who murdered his girlfriend and a man who murdered his wife – entertaining? I’ll write it and get Candace Waldron to play one of the victims. Sound fun?

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