, Gloucester, MA

August 6, 2013

Letters: Let state rep know about taxing vote

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

State Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante and Massachusetts Democrats were clearly hoping that no one noticed that they voted to increase our taxes by $500 million last month.

My phone call and e-mail asking for an explanation remain unresponded to by Ferrante; as does the recent Gloucester Times editorial (“Lawmakers fail state taxpayers,” the Times, Friday, July 26).

It’s unfortunate that Ferrante seems to believe that she can vote to raise our taxes without answering for her vote to those she represents.

Democrats, who routinely claim to only raise taxes on the wealthy, have hit up all taxpayers multiple times in 2013, and it’s only August. In January, we saw a deduction in our paychecks, when the Federal payroll tax promoted by Congressional Democrats and President Obama took effect. This tax hit every single person who has a job, no matter how much money you bring home. The take from my household is $1,352.00 for 2013 based on this tax.

As if that weren’t enough, Cape Ann’s Rep. Ferrante and her Democrat cohorts in the state Legislature hit each of us again in July with $500 million in new taxes on gas, cigarettes, and computer sales.

That’s an average of $400 out of the pocket of each taxpayer in Massachusetts. These two taxes promoted solely by Democrats means $2,152.00 less for my middle class family for just this year.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ferrante and the Mass. Democrats have yet to address the $730 million reportedly abused by the welfare and EBT system, nor have they explained why our state, which reports a $1.6 billion surplus (“State’s free cash fund jumps to $1.6 billion,” the Times, Monday, Aug. 5) is forced to raise taxes for any reason.

Far from affecting just the wealthy, as Democrats so often claim, these taxes will hit the lower and middle class where it really hurts, especially at the pump. Every single person who fills up their car will now pay more to do so. And families like my own, whose bread winners commute out of town for their jobs, will find this particularly painful.

Knowing this, every Republican in our legislature voted against this tax increase, though it did little good against the Democrat majority.

What’s worse is that there is absolutely no evidence that the increased money which is being taken from us will actually come back to Cape Ann to improve our roads and bridges.

During Ferrante’s tenure as our representative, she has voted twice before to raise our taxes, and that money seems to have gone to more needy areas of the state rather than coming back to our area. I guess Cape Ann’s roads and bridges don’t need the money, right?

I encourage all of you to study your paychecks and figure out how these taxes are going to affect your family. Then, you should contact Ann-Margaret Ferrante and let her know how you feel about the extra thousands of dollars being taken from you.

You can contact her at: 617-722-2370 or .

Cape Ann’s hardworking families deserve better.