, Gloucester, MA

November 18, 2012

Letter: Warren will do Kennedy seat justice

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Like many other voters in Massachusetts, I can’t express the vindication felt when all the votes were cast, and Elizabeth Warren was victorious.

Like many other voters, I have missed Ted Kennedy in a seat Scott Brown did not seem to fit in.

For some reason or another Scott Brown’s meanness, became very transparent in many of the debates; he planted himself in many attempts to paint Elizabeth Warren’s Native American claims as a lie. This was such a non-issue, yet, Sen. Brown continued to push on with painting Elizabeth Brown as a liar.

With the pickup-truck image falling apart, and the real Scott Brown surfacing, the voters of Massachusetts rightfully fired Senator Brown and dutifully hired Elizabeth Warren. She will do the seat, once occupied by Ted Kennedy, justice.


Fisk Street, West Dennis