, Gloucester, MA

November 20, 2012

Moving past Senate seat 'entitlement'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To The Editor:

In his letter (the Times, Saturday, Nov. 18), Alfred Waddell wrote that Elizabeth Warren “will do the seat, once occupied by Ted Kennedy, justice.”

The one thing Scott Brown had right when he initially ran for the Senate was that the senatorial position he sought and won once was not “Kennedy’s Seat,” but the “people’s seat” in the Senate.

We need to move past the idea of entitlement. As he wisely noted, we need to focus on the candidates and the qualifications to hold office.

If we do not examine candidates, then we risk more Joe McCarthys and Huey Longs. Our country is never more than a couple of elections away from disaster or delight. It is up to us to learn all we can about the candidates, their professed positions, and their actual records.

I think the majority of Massachusetts voters made the better decision to elect Elizabeth Warren. I think time will show her to be a great person to have in the Senate. As voters wisely chose, we did focus on the candidates and the qualifications of each to hold office.

I have no idea what quality of husband, father, or person Scott Brown is, and those qualities only have limited bearing on his qualifications to hold public office.

I have, however, read his in-office voting records for Massachusetts and the U.S. Senate. I could never vote for him for any position nor would I support his being considered for an appointed position.