, Gloucester, MA

December 9, 2012

Letter: Why all the fear of talking Christmas?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Once again, Christmas is right around the corner, so please be aware of atheists and secular progressives bearing bad tidings.

This is the time of year they hate the most. They can`t stand the thought of free men and women showing expressions of the Christian philosophy in public.

For years now they have been lying to us all that Christianity is a religion, and that it should be banned from public squares and public schools. The truth is that Christianity is a philosophy with the prophet Jesus stating his love and peace for all mankind — just like atheism is a philosophy that no God exists, and the secular progressive philosophy that the state has power and control over what it wants people to believe.

On the other hand I, like others, belong to religious organizations like the Roman Catholic Church. The U.S. Constitution states that there will be a freedom of religion from government.

What the founding fathers wanted was the people to be free to choose their own religion instead of the government choosing one for them. Ironically, the atheists and secular progressives are using the force of our government to initiate their “non-God” views on others by virtually banning the word “Christmas” from public schools and public squares.

Now we could go into the details that the Christmas tree is really a pagan symbol tradition from 16th century Germany, and that the legend of Santa Claus really comes from the Christian Saint Nicholas, but I`d rather focus on the hatred and anger that the secular progressives and atheists have over the man Jesus Christ and his birthday.

Why do they want to keep him and his message of love and peace from the public squares and public schools? How can one hate someone so much that they do not believe ever existed in the first place?

So let’s be truthful with each other. The secular progressives and atheists hate traditionalists like myself and others and they say the same old lies and manipulate local governments officials and public schools with the fear of lawyers and lawsuits to promote their ideals. That’s all.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the ones who are aggressive in putting fear into leaders and teachers with financial ruin are able to sometime win out in manipulating society into what they want it to be. Their appetitie for control over others beliefs is never ending.

Don’t let them make you scared. We have the freedom of speech to call Christmas trees Christmas trees in public, and in public schools. You can still believe in Christianity in public schools and public squares. The message of love towards others and peace to all can`t be silenced by fear of a lawsuit. Their message of nothingness has no power over those who believe in something different.

The image of the baby Jesus in a manger and his message of love and peace worldwide on a public square is not a threat to others and does not represent or force and endorse a certain “religion” on others.

If there is one thing in this world I could never figure out, it’s why others hate others so much for celebrating a holiday that has no meaning for them.