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December 16, 2012

Letter: Why the DPA is important to Gloucester

To the editor:

The state made Gloucester a Designated Port Area (DPA) to protect the working waterfront. The only things not allowed in a DPA are residents (including hotels) and yacht marinas. This is because the powers that be knew these are the two things that will ruin a working waterfront in a marine industrial port. e.g. Swampscott, Newport, RI., Baltimore, Md. I could go on and on. You get tons of traffic and expensive properties. Rich and poor and nothing in between.

In Newport, R.I., they did a study and found they were much better off financially when they had a working waterfront than they are now that they’ve gone the other way (hotels, condos, and yacht marinas). They regretted their decision, but now it’s too late. Once it’s gone, there is no going back.

Ann Molloy

Neptune’s Harvest Fertilizer,

Commercial Street, Gloucester

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