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June 11, 2013

Editorial: Grooming Grant Circle needs shared effort

The aptly termed “war of the roses,” as Joann Mackenzie’s colorful Friday story called it, over the plantings at Grant Circle might not be the most grave issue confronting Gloucester and state officials these days.

But with members of three local garden clubs — Cape Ann, Gloucester and Rockport — all looking to share the duties of gardening and landscaping the center of Gloucester’s landmark rotary, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and, though it has a limited role, the city should welcome a golden opportunity to create a Gloucester “gateway” that the city truly deserves.

Yes, Rockport homeowner Peter Perthou deserves some credit for his single-handed effort in trying to plant flowers in the circle, as he has done for years. But a well-planned and designed garden or gardens crafted by one or more of these clubs could indeed help create a far more welcoming centerpiece for those coming down off the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge and heading into the city’s core or to Rockport.

An overall project allowing input from all of the garden clubs could spruce up the circle as never before — and that can only help the city as a whole.

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