, Gloucester, MA


July 2, 2013

Letter: What would be President Hillary's response?

To the editor:

In order to close my discussion with Ms. Carney, on the Benghazi matter (Letters, the Times, Saturday, June 29), I will offer the following.

Had Mrs. Clinton been the Democrats’ nominee in 2012 as president, I believe she would have ordered immediate retaliation, with perhaps a GPS guided Tomahawk missile, launched from one of the two warships anchored off the Libyan Coast, just as President Bill Clinton did in the wake of the 1990s embassy bombing in Northeast Africa, leaving open the chance of some American lives being spared.

Yes, I believe that Mrs. Clinton would have been a president with leadership skills and the courage to use them. On that point I agree with Ms. Carney. However, as for the easy re-election of President Obama, I wouldn’t exactly call his 4-percentage-point margin a mandate,or landslide.

As for 2016, Mrs. Clinton needs to first gain the nomination, and who knows what GOP candidate is lurking in the wings? Only time will show.


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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