, Gloucester, MA

October 11, 2012

Letter: Brown puts people above party line

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I think we all have seen and lost faith in our government over these last few years.

Watching Republicans defy anything the president came up with, and Dems doing things, too, to undercut the Republicans all makes for a sad tale, with parties fighting like little kids for power instead of trying to serve the people that put them there, and keeping the interests of the country in the forefront.

I have always felt there shouldn’t be parties and all our representatives should be independent. Maybe then they’ll be able to vote for what they feel is right, rather than backing up their party. I’d also like to see the electoral vote abolished, and the popular vote alone be the deciding factor in an election. Our votes would mean something then.

Why have a majority carry a number allowed for each state, instead of having every individual vote decide who we want for a president? Winning the majority to get those electoral votes doesn’t make sense to me.

Having said all this, I have had the opportunity to have the pleasure of meeting Scott Brown when he was in town in support of the fisherman and our blue-collar work force. I even told him that it’s a pleasure to have a regular guy represent us in his capacity, as he does what he feels is best for the American people.

To Scott, it isn’t about his party, it’s about what he feels is right for us, and that’s a breath of fresh air for a politician. We hear so much rhetoric from politicians about what they are going to do and find it’s all about getting elected, but Scott Brown is not like that.

Our government is in sad shape. To have the chance to have at least one regular, smart, intelligent man represent us is an opportunity we should all embrace. He isn’t going to please everyone — no one can. But I believe he will have our best interests come first with him.

Yes, he is a strong advocate for the fishing industry, as am I. And to see him have an ad on TV stating the trouble the industry is in, and the government having a big role in causing this problem was music to my ears.

Talking about job growth, the fishing industry is probably one of the biggest industries for jobs there is, with many related jobs created by the start of laying a keel to a vessel. There are over 20 states that are coastal, all having some sort of fishing commerce to supply a food, create jobs, and it is a huge part of our economy, but I never heard it mentioned for job creation until Scott got involved in it. Barney Frank was another big advocate, but is now retiring.

I don’t know much about his opponent, but I know Scott has proven where his heart is, so I hope he recalims his position in government, and would love to see him run for president someday.

We need someone that is real — not just a mouthpiece for his or her party.


Stuart Road, Gloucester