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October 23, 2012

Letter: A 'dangerous' ticket for women's health

To the editor:

The most egregious assault on women’s rights comes from the Personhood Bill, co-sponsored by Tod Akin and Paul Ryan. It is so extreme in its presentation that it becomes frightening, in my opinion, for every woman in America.

This bill signed by both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, is far outside the mainstream. Personhood rights extend to the fetus at the very moment of conception. Every one of the rights that you and I have had since birth are applied to the fertilized egg instantly. This bill also outlaws abortion, birth control, the morning after pill and in vitro fertilizaton. If a woman were to take a morning after pill it becomes, under this bill, a criminal act.

In laymen’s terms, suppose a woman saw her doctor after a month to confirm a pregnancy and he suggested that she not jog, she DID jog and the baby was lost, she could be on report for murder. Yes, murder. The bill is extreme and the consequences are extreme.

Where is reason? I encourage you all to look into this on your computers. Even the conservative state of Mississippi could not swallow this bill.

Check for information such as the following. Paul Ryan supported what might be called the “Let Women Die Act.” There is a less painful name and number on the bill itself, but it came to be known as that because it would have allowed hospitals to refuse to provide a woman abortion care even is her life were endangered. Ryan also voted to prevent women in the military to have an abortion for any reason, even if they used their own money to pay for their care.

Just last week, Congressman Joe Walsh came forth with a statement saying, in essence that there is little need to be concerned about the health of a pregnant woman — that technology would take care of that. This makes me think that women are to be simply vessels to carry these new little lives and that their health is remarkably secondary to even the fertilized egg. Tod Akin, meanwhile, says a woman’s body can slough off whatever follows a rape. We all know that is ridiculous.

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