, Gloucester, MA


October 27, 2012

Letter: Romney speaks America’s language

To the editor:

During this presidential campaign season it has been a platform of both parties that job creation is absolutely necessary to get our economy moving from stagnation back to prosperity. One important element that has not been emphasized is that before we have job growth, we must have confidence in our government’s policies and regulations. It is this lack of confidence that is keeping businesses and job creators from releasing billions of dollars that they are holding back instead of hiring personnel. Consumers, likewise, are holding on to their money due to uncertainty of the economy.

Both candidates say they have plans to increase employment and grow the economy. Mitt Romney says that he has a five-point program. We can only go by his past successes in business to judge if his plans will increase jobs and get us out of this sluggish economy. President Obama says he has a plan to create one million jobs. My only question is; where has this plan been over the past four years? In fact, we still don’t know the particulars of his plan except that he says he has one. It is obvious that, after four years, the private sector job creators do not have confidence in the current administration’s policies and regulations. We do know that all previous attempts and stimuli have not worked. Therefore it is incumbent upon us, the electorate, to try something new. It is my opinion that Gov. Romney can foster up the confidence from our job creators to increase jobs since he knows how to speak their language.

Ben Loiacono

East Main Street, Gloucester

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