, Gloucester, MA

October 27, 2012

Letter: Tierney makes it work for Gloucester

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

My decision to vote for John Tierney has been reinforced by many recent conversations with Gloucester voters. Numerous people have mentioned how John Tierney and his capable staff helped cut through red tape to obtain needed veterans’ benefits, clear up Social Security problems, learn about job training programs, and more. John Tierney does not need his name on a bill to show off his work. He co-sponsors bills and does the hard committee work that is the critical part of the legislative process.

A couple of people mentioned that they feel he does not do enough for Gloucester and favors Salem, so I checked his record. John has helped bring more than $37.8 million to Cape Ann to help with transportation and roads, water and wastewater treatment, affordable housing, education, health care, Head Start programs and staffing for Gloucester’s police and fire departments during this Great Recession. Blowing your own horn might create a better public image, but I prefer a representative who know our community and who gets the work done.

Elizabeth Neumeier

Coggeshall Road, Gloucester