, Gloucester, MA


October 29, 2012

Letter: Obama policies, decisions taking us in wrong direction

To the editor:

An ever-shrinking group of people might say that we should be thankful for President Obama.

I, for one, believe he is the worst president of my lifetime.

By contrast, he makes President Carter look like an economic wizard and a powerful leader. By contrast, Obama makes President Nixon look like a paragon of virtue and honesty. Even though the mainstream news media has never held Obama accountable for his disastrously poor decisions and policies, I believe the American people will.

The American people know that Obama’s actions costs them double at the gas pump. His illegal shut down of the Gulf drilling, stopping the Keystone pipeline, virtually stopping drilling permits on public lands and his interference in all conventional fuel development has hurt us all. As a result, all of us have to pay higher prices for groceries and heating as well as at the pump.

The American people know that these actions have reduced, eliminated and prevented job growth in the energy field. Obamacare and its ramifications have further damaged the job market. This administration has overburdened America with so many, new and non-essential regulations that the job market has been depressed even more.

Obama’s actions have diminished our world position too such a degree that our nation is less respected as evidenced by the recent killing of four Americans, including our ambassador in Libya. He then lied about the reasons for the attack and may have even been derelict in a timely defense of the ambassador’s compound. Prior to Ambassador Stevens’ murder, he repeatedly asked for better security but was denied by this very political administration.

In the “Fast and Furious” debacle, Obama’s administration forced legitimate and conscientious gun dealers to sell guns to the Mexican drug cartels. The administration did not monitor the gun movement nor did it intend to obtain any useful crime fighting intel. They merely wanted political gain in their war on the Second Amendment. The result is many dead Mexicans and one dead American – so far.

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