, Gloucester, MA

April 30, 2013

Letter: Candidate Campbell wants to make a difference

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

As a candidate for the Rockport Board of Selectmen, and until the election next Tuesday, this will be the last opportunity I’ll have to reach my fellow Rockporters via our newspaper.

What you will read below is the transcript of the Public Service Announcement I recorded at the Cape Ann Studios that will air this week on our local access channel. It conveys my honest and sincere sentiment as to why I am running, and my hope is that it resonates with you, the voters.

One question that people keep asking me is “Why are you running?” What I tell them is that I’ve found taking criticism from family and friends wasn’t quite enough. I thought I’d give the whole town a chance!

I’m joking, of course. Actually the answer is quite simple. I want to earn the opportunity to represent your voice to the very best of my ability and do so in the most thoughtful way possible using the skills I’ve acquired and tuned.

Another question I’m frequently asked is whether or not I’ll be taking advantage of the town’s health insurance. I will not. I have my own health insurance that I pay for out of pocket. This will save the taxpayers of Rockport a substantial amount of money, and I’m calling on my opponent to make her intentions known. Of course, this is her decision, but the voters should know where she stands before casting their ballot.

Let’s be honest, I think you and I can agree that I’m not running for the glory or the money. I’m running because I want to make a difference:

A difference for the great people of Rockport.

A difference for the people who give their time willingly to all of our various town committees.

A difference for the town employees whose love and commitment to our community is apparent in their work every day.

A difference for my 4 children and for yours.

Simply put, a difference for the bright future of Rockport.

My roots here in Rockport run deep with many immediate family members in town. Some work here, some play here, some retired here … all love it here — especially me! If you happen to see Mel at the transfer station or Sue and Dick at Old Garden Beach, please tell them that there really is a bridge off the island.

My skill set is well suited to the demands and responsibilities that come with the position:

Clear thinking;

Solid and proven negotiating skills;

The ability to see both side of an issue;

The judgment to know when a change of position is prudent and in the best interest of the town and the people it serves.

But most importantly, I’m not afraid, and more than willing to ask tough questions that need to be asked and make difficult decisions that need to be made by always carefully identifying “needs vs. wants.”

Maybe I’ll sound overly optimistic, but why can’t civic involvement be an enjoyable, engaging and rewarding experience both for those who serve and those it serves? Shouldn’t we all work together for the common good of our town? After all, it is our town.

I’m asking for your vote next Tuesday, May 7, so that together we can make Rockport the very best that it can be. Thank you for your consideration and vote.



Candidate, Rockport Board of Selectmen