, Gloucester, MA


April 30, 2013

Editorial: Get out and vote in Senate primaries

There was a time when partisan election primaries were seen as the domain of the major party leaders and members, who would each turn out to choose their candidates for the general election.

That’s not the case today, when the actual majority of Massachusetts voters — more than 52 percent — are registered as being unaffiliated or unenrolled in either party. That means that those voters can decide to help select the final election candidate in whichever party they choose for the day. And that gives you a very real reason to get out to the polls today, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or unenrolled yourself.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to get to the polls today, you still have ample opportunity to do so. The polls across Cape Ann are open until 8 p.m., and with officials across the state projecting a light turnout, that gives even more credibility to the notion that every vote counts.

Look, both of today’s races – with Congressmen Stephen Lynch and Ed Markey on the Democratic side, and state Rep. Dan Winslow, businessman Gabriel Gomez and former U.S. Attorney Mike Sullivan seeking the Republican nod — give voters some clear and interesting choices. Yet your preferred candidate might not even make it to the June 25 special election if supporters don’t bother to vote today.

Don’t let that happen. Get out and vote; it’s not just your right, it’s your civic duty — and it’s your chance to have a voice in deciding who represents you in the U.S. Senate.

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