, Gloucester, MA

May 4, 2013

Letter: Lucas' mantra bodes well for Rockport'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I have known Eliza Lucas professionally and personally for more than a decade.

I saw her transform the Chowder House on Bearskin Neck into a successful family business, Top Dog. This was not an easy feat considering the hurdles one encounters when opening a business on Bearskin Neck. Perspective business owners must attend countless meetings and work closely with several town and state agencies, including the Board of Selectmen, the Board of Health, the Board of Appeals, the Rockport Conservation Commission, local and state building inspectors, and the Architectural Access Board.

Throughout the lengthy process, Mrs. Lucas was always professional, prepared, eloquent, and knowledgeable. She also had a steady mantra; “How do I do well by doing good?”

Indeed, she has clearly done well, and the town has benefitted by her generosity and vision.

It is this mantra of doing well by doing good that led Mrs. Lucas and her family to choose Rockport. If you care about having a vibrant, forward-thinking, healthy and positive community, then vote for Eliza Lucas.