, Gloucester, MA

May 10, 2013

Editorial: A close-up look at student creativity

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Hopefully, you’ve heard all about some of the changes over the last year at O’Maley Innovation Middle School, or some of the student arts, crafting and music projects from elementary schools through Gloucester High.

But if you’d rather see for yourself the outstanding student creativity and commitment that’s being taught and nurtured in our Gloucester schools each day, tomorrow gives you the chance to do precisely that.

The occasion is the annual Gloucester Public Schools Arts Festival, which will place Gloucester’s students front and center in a 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. series of downtown displays and presentations to be held Saturday in City Hall, at Sawyer Free Library, in the Cape Ann Museum and at The Hive, the Pleasant Street arts venue that is tied into Cape Ann Art Haven just around the corner.

The event, as coordinator and Gloucester High School music director David Adams notes, will include more than 1,000 diverse works of art created by diverse groups of students at all levels of the school system (See news story, Page 1). It will also include a wide variety of other presentations, ranging from the Mad Hot ballroom dancing demonstration by the schools’ fifth graders, to performances by the high school’s acclaimed Docksiders concert band and other musical groups, and it will include a presentation by the schools’ robotics program, which has taken science in our schools new heights as well.

But perhaps the biggest feature on display will be the commitment, dedication, creativity and pride of Gloucester’s students, who have been working with their teachers on these projects since last October.

Check out the schedule of arts fest events in today’s Times, and if you get the chance, be sure to take in some of the exhibits and presentations.

You’ll likely feel a sense of pride in these students’ work as well.